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Inbound & Outbound Desk
The transfer of money and test orders from one shift to the next no longer requires lengthy procedures. The user issues a detailed traffic report and and delivers it to the user for the next shift.

Outstanding Tests & Pending Orders
The user has real-time access to any outstanding amounts and/or test orders that may not have been supplied by the patient.

Movement & Statements for Insurance Funds/Order Management
Gi-Maxima monitors test orders and charges for each Insurance Fund in parallel to the standard workflow, with no additional entries required. It is thus possible to issue statements for Funds and identify problems, such as that of outstanding orders.

Statements for Health Insurance Funds are printed according to specifications (format, columns, etc.) and specific requirements of each Fund (mandatory discount from the total, detailed test orders, etc.) and charges (stamp duty, etc.).

Associated Doctors
A very important feature of the system, generally not found in standard economic management software packages is monitoring of traffic offered by doctors-partners of the Health Center.

The system gets all the information it needs to monitor the traffic offered by doctors-partners in parallel to the normal workflow.

Financial Packages
Gi-Maxima may communicate and exchange data with standard, commercially available accounting software for easy and hassle-free updates of accounting information.

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