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Melitona 5,
Gerakas, 15344

Company Profile

Greek Informatics (GI) is a company that designs and develops medical informatics software applications. Our activities range from the development of specialized software to integrated solutions and services for public and private hospitals, laboratories and medical centers.

GI is active in the field of laboratory automation, databases, network installation and support for management applications. We have developed a series of innovative products, especially in the area of ​​hospital applications.

The company benefits from from the long experience of its managers and direct associates. The executives who created GI have a continuous presence in the professional field of medical informatics for more than 30 years.

Our applications were developed with dependability and functionality in mind. We are constantly expanding to meet the growing needs of our customers. All our applications are by design able to connect with other applications either supplied by our company, or with existing Hospital Information Systems (HIS).

GI is primarily a software production company. Each project gets assigned to a small and independent working group with experts in each desired field. The analysis of the desired applications is usually done by small teams that include physicians, technical experts, medical professionals, and software engineers who are in constant contact with the end-users of the final product. Development always involves the creation of a pilot program that serves to further investigate how the software responds to actual needs.

The success of our applications is due to the excellent analysis of the real needs of our clients and to very user-friendly interfaces. This is guaranteed by both the scientific proficiency of our medically trained staff and from our experience implementing our applications in real-life situations. The wide acceptance of our products in hospital environments is due to the high degree of specialization and the clear direction of the company when it comes to medical informatics.

As of 2002,
Medicon Hellas S.A. (a diagnostics manufacturer listed in the Athens Stock Exchange) acquired part of the capital of GI, thus enabling us to achieve greater and faster development.

Our headquarters are located at:
Melitona 5, Gerakas 15344, Greece
Tel: +30 210 6606015 • Fax: +30 210 6615167