Daily Management

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GI-Maxima perfectly covers the daily workflow of the laboratory including:
  • Reception & accounting.
  • Patient admittance with fast and easy recall of personal data.
  • Simplified and visualized selection of tests.
  • Automatic accounting, according to the price lists of insurance organizations, private insurance companies, and the laboratory.
  • Automatic control of the Insurance Fund cap (quota).
  • Automatic control of Insurance Fund debt or pending test orders.
  • Updating the Patients Logbook.
  • Informing patients on when and where they may receive test reports.

Patient cards are dynamically configurable by the laboratory staff and include all demographic and medical data. They are easy to recall, due to the specialized patient identification system. Cards are updated automatically with all medical and financial information recorded about the patient by all other subsystems of the program.

Billing & Patient Book
Gi-Maxima monitors the services offered and automatically uses the pertinent price list, according to the patient’s insurance (Insurance Funds, private Insurance companies). It is able to print certified documents, as well as to upkeep and automatically print a book of incoming patients.

Issuing Result Forms
Gi-Maxima completely covers all requirements for “intelligent” results printing, either during the daily workflow, or from result archives. In both cases, the operation is the same, and the result forms are uniform.

The system has an “intelligent” way of dealing with large volumes of printouts and has special characteristics, the lack of which would hinder the operation of a Laboratory:
  • Batch printing (all results), sorting results by last and first name, date, code, etc.
  • Results for a single test order.
  • Results by attending physician.
  • Only selected tests and not all tests of the category.
  • In the case of a new batch printing, it may limit results only to recent ones, if required.
  • Batch printing of day results, regardless of result printouts already issued.
  • Printing only fully processed requests and not open or pending ones.

Results Distribution
Delivery of checked and approved result reports may be agreed upon with the patient in advance and may be done in any of the following ways:

  • To the Patient:
  • Directly (via printout)
  • Sent by fax
  • Sent by email
  • Sent by post
  • Sent by courier service

  • To the Doctor:
  • Sent by fax
  • Sent by email
  • Sent by post
  • Sent by courier service

Printouts may include the Laboratory logo, the doctor’s signature, and the corresponding folder/envelope printout.

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