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Daily Workflow

Gi-Maxima consistently execute procedures to increase productivity improve workflow efficiency and be error-proofing.

Front desk & Billing information

  • Instant and easy handling for patients, with efficient availability of personalized information.
  • Simplified selection process for test ordering.
  • Automated test translation into billable services by applying predefined rules, according to individual price lists from public and private medical insurance plans, as well as those of the Medical Center.
  • Automatic control for eventual insurance plan caps.
  • Automatic control on overdue payments,
  • Automated updates of the Patient Book.
  • Accurate information about the result delivery time and methods.

With an interface that is task-driven and tailored to the users’ needs, it focuses on simplicity, efficiency, and the availability of information, reducing human error and saving time. Tabs are automatically updated with all the medical and financial data recorded for the patient from all other subsystems of the application.


Gi-Maxima support accurate calculations and billing, enable you to maximize your return. Capitated agreement options and a dedicated interface, facilitate the process of capturing included patients and billing appropriately, including out-of-capitation services (payment arrangement for health care service providers). This module was created to ensure laboratories receive the optimal return for services rendered.

Billing module is continuously synchronized with all of the changes to the lab’s orders. Late test additions and cancellations are handled automatically, even after payments are made. Tests are automatically translated into billable services by applying predefined rules, including automatic resolution of colliding panels, grouping ordered tests into billable panels, and any other user-defined rules. Even technical modifiers can be added automatically 

Result Reports

Gi-Maxima support for extract and deliver result reports during the daily workflow or even from the archived (medical) cases and manage efficiently great amounts of workload using features such as:

  • Group printing / sending results
  • Group printing only for one segment or only for one exam category.
  • Limit the answers (extraction) only to new results, if desired.
  • Ability to print / send only the referrals that have been fully checked (inspected), and not for those with pending issues.
  • Whole printing of the daily results, regardless of the answers that have been issued.

Result Delivery Methods

Support for multiple result delivery policies and methods, together with client-tailored result report formats and summary reports, means that you provide your clients with all of the information they need, wherever and whenever they need it.

  • Ε-mail
  • Fax
  • Mobile phone application
  • Specialized web page


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