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Connectivity with Analyzers & Printing of Results

The program communicates with automated devices, characterized by a high degree of customization and flexibility. The system operates as follows:

  • Real time, fully automated barcode functionality (Query Mode). The user places the barcoded samples on the analyzer, which is then automatically programmed by the Gi-Maxima in real time, without human intervention.
  • By worklists, automatically generated by the program. Most users agree this method of interface requires minimal intervention for obtaining results. After programming, the system communicates with the analyzers without operator intervention.

Analyzers generally have a free-flowing operation system, even with tests that were not programmed in advance. Our system is in continuous communication with the analyzer without operator intervention. This means that though the terminal dedicated to the analyzer is bound to continuous communication, it can also be used for other tasks.

The system allows test AutoComplete if a test result is received while the test name has not already been registered in the application.

Results are received automatically, as they become available from the analyzer.

Keyboard Entry

For those results that need to be entered from the keyboard (eg. Microbiological culture results) but also those received by analyzers that often need intervention, corrections, comments, etc., Gi-Maxima offers a number of intelligent tools for fast and easy results entry.


With the use of barcodes sample identification is simplified and safe. It improves, simplifies and accelerates tests ordering, profiles and other important processes, while reducing typing errors, streamlining the entire process of results production, and increasing automation.

Reception of Results from Reference Laboratories

Gi-Maxima automatically receives results for samples sent to reference laboratories, in connection to their own LIMS.


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