Laboratory Information System (LIS)

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The laboratory module covers the daily workflow of all types of laboratories and it includes:

  • Automatic assignment of sample IDee, as defined by the user.
  • Samples and test orders are directly linked to the patient throughout the whole analytical procedure.
  • Simplified, visually-aided selection of tests.
  • Tests selection menu screens are user defined.
  • Test parameters (name, range, panels etc) are defined according to international standards but may be easily adjusted by the laboratory.
  • Tests ordering may be done from the central laboratory of the medical center, or from secondary laboratories of the center, or from reference laboratories.
  • Automatic printout of worklists for any group of tests, or their subsets. Tests are organized in worklists (sorted by machine, sample type, availability of the necessary reagents, priority, etc)
  • Automatic reception of test results from the analyzers.
  • Automatic retrieval of previous test results. This feature proves invaluable in test results validation.

Connection with automated analyzers
Communication with automated devices is characterized by a high degree of customization and flexibility. The system operates as follows:
  1. Fully automated operation with barcode in real time (Query Mode). The user places the barcode-labeled samples in the analyzer. The analyzer is automatically programmed by the Gi-Maxima in real-time without any user intervention.
  2. Operating the analyzer through worklists. Most analyzers that use this method of connectivity require minimum intervention for the reception of test results. After programming, the system operates without any further user intervention.
  3. Free analyzer operation, even with tests that are not scheduled in advance by the system. Communication with the analyzer is continuous and does not require user intervention. This means that the terminal used for communication is not tied down, so that other tasks can be performed as the analyzers are working. Reflex testing.

Results Input from the Keyboard
Results are received automatically as they become available from the analyzer. For results that need to be entered from the keyboard (for example cultures), as well as for those results from analyzers that often require validation, corrections, comments, etc, Gi-Maxima offers a number of intelligent tools for fast and easy type-in.

Using barcode labels, the sampling process and the identification of samples during testing is largely simplified. It improves, simplifies and accelerates the tests programming, profiles, and other important processes, while reducing typing errors. It streamlines the process of obtaining results and it increases automation.

Reception of Results from Reference Laboratories
Gi-Maxima automatically receives results for samples sent to reference laboratories, in connection to their own LIMS.

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Radiology Information System