Greek Informatics

Financial Management

Automated Reports

Gi-Maxima offers you the ability to οversee the workflows of your lab with intuitive dashboards and customizable charts without searching any data. By the time you enter your preferences once, creates a report demonstrating the key performance indicators you want and automatically deliver result reports at your mailbox on a daily or/and monthly basis.

Unpaid Tests & Pending Orders

Each user has real-time access to any unpaid tests and/or test orders that may not have been issued by the patient and can extract a detailed report for each one of them as a unit or for every one with that criteria in a list etc.

Billing Module

Gi-Maxima support accurate calculations and billing, enable you to maximize your return. Capitated agreement options and a dedicated interface, facilitate the process of capturing included patients and billing appropriately, including out-of-capitation services (payment arrangement for health care service providers), test profiles and more.

Accounting Packages

Gi-Maxima has the ability to communicate and exchange data with standard, commercially available accounting software for easy and hassle-free updates of accounting information.


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