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Mobile App • Lab Reports

Lab Reports an integrated application for that allows your customers to receive test results directly on their devices. Now your patients can have all the Laboratory records on their mobile phone device, instantly and with maximum security.


  • Laboratory Records
  • View of test results per day
  • View of Test Abbreviation Typical Ranges
  • Graphical display of trends based on past results
  • Off range typical abbreviation colored notifications
  • Send any of your test results via e-mail.
  • Direct Messages from Medical Center
  • Navigation Tab
  • Support for multiple medical labs
  • On-line backup using Cloud services.

To gain access to this module, you should send your personal activation code via e-mail or text message to the medical center. This module is pre-installed at Gi-maxima and Gi-Maxima Premium.


Maxima Analytics

Maxima Analytics is a specialized tool for extracting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and measure how effective your company is at achieving its goals. It is a high-performance software that gives you a comprehensive look at your overall business by providing summary reports with all of the information you need, wherever and whenever you need it such as:
• Revenue distribution by age groups
• Revenue distribution by gender
• Average price per test
• Average price per age group


The Ultimate Patient-Centric System

Gi Maxima ensures you provide your customers the superior service they deserve. With our unified and patient-centric system, you can easily create sms or e-mail campaigns using specific criteria.


For a detailed description of Gi-Maxima Premium please contact as using: contact form