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Radiology Information System (RIS)

Gi-Maxima includes special characteristics, covering the daily workflow of imaging laboratories:

Recording and Transcription of Reports

Gi-Maxima records audio with the doctor’s assessment in the patient history archives (database). Any user can use this recording to transcribe and compose the results report. Alternatively, the system cooperates with all modern voice recognition systems.

Word Processor

Users have a complete integrated word processor at their disposal, allowing them to create and input multiple preselected texts, depending on the kind of test done. Use of (external) word processors, such as Microsoft Word, is also possible.

Customizable Result Reports

The format of result reports can be designed according to the Center’s needs. The design may include pictures from the imaging devices, as well as other components (ie. logo, comments, etc).

Preselected Result Reports

Gi-Maxima offers preselected result report templates (according to each department needs) and it controls and monitors result report processing until finalization with a digital signature by the authorized user(s).

Special Interest Files

Gi-Maxima can categorize result reports (as ie. Interesting, Important, for Research, for Consultation, Educational, etc.), for the creation and/or maintenance of special interest files.


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