Gi-Maxima Premium

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Gi-Maxima Premium is designed and created for Medical and Diagnostic Centers. It automates time-consuming processes, it minimizes forgone revenues, it helps quality improvement of services.

Greek Informatics has a significant presence in small and large medical centers. Our applications work seamlessly and keep expanding, covering newly emerging needs.

The IT solutions the company provides offer certain advantages to Medical and Diagnostic Centers. These are:

Improvement of the Image of Services
Issuing flawless result reports gives patients a great image of the services provided by the Center. Badly aligned reports from a word processor and simplified printouts of laboratory results are replaced by a high level of design and structured result reports provided by Gi-Maxima. Communication thus becomes structured and clear, enhancing quality and image.

Efficient Function of the Center
Use of Gi-Maxima simplifies and manages bureaucratic and time-consuming processes and achieves significant economy of resources, so that Centers that currently barely operate with their existing personnel will manage to work smoothly and effectively, since the need for new personnel is significantly lowered.

Forgone Revenue
Medical and Diagnostic Centers usually have forgone revenues, and there is unfortunately no easy means of calculating their extend. Locating them is one of the greatest problems for operations.

Characteristic cases are the forgotten, unsanctioned test orders from insurance funds, the unfulfilled promise to submit a test order later, not invoicing all tests due to arranging more tests over the phone, stagnating financial obligations, submitting hand-written lists from insurance funds without correctly calculating amounts or leaving out test orders due to human error and lack of a controlling mechanism, tests that don’t follow the “normal” route.

Gi-Maxima provides organization and control mechanisms that help eliminate the above mentioned phenomena and contributes to the increase in productivity.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance is a prerequisite for the operation of any Medical and Diagnostic Center. The existence of complete IT infrastructure constitutes the main means for applying a Quality Assurance System (ISO9001, ISO15189 etc). By using Gi-Maxima, the Center receives all required tools to achieve quality certification with minimal disruption in its operation and procedures.

Developing Personnel Morale
The greatest advantage from the consolidation and maturing of processes resulting from using Gi-Maxima is to the human factor. The software is only one component of the organization. The most important parameter is people. It usually takes some time for them to get used to a new way of working, and that is the most important step in the effort for development.

Our company has invested in this field, and has achieved 100% user acceptance for our systems. Within a short time, users realize the advantages and develop a proper relationship with the new “tool”. The same users, who initially viewed computerization with fear and awe, now ask for more organizing, more extended use of computers, and thus improvement of their productivity.

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The Main Characteristics of the Gi-Maxima Premium